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 Pokeon Move Set Maker

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PostSubject: Pokeon Move Set Maker   Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:22 pm

To make an Awesome move set for your your pokmon, you must be able to Read, andPress buttons. So read this forum and youll be set. Very Happy

Your Pokemon Can Have a Wide Variety of Moves that are Very Helpful in your Battles,Competitive or not. When you Check your Pokemons Stats, youll Notice that one Stat is Much Higher then the others. In Battles, it Matters on Attack and Sp.Attack. Your pokemon Will Specialize in Attack and Sp.Attack, and You need Moves that Match the Stats. Physical Moves, and Special moves. You need to Match the Stats to the Move types for More Power. Physical=Attack Stat Special=Sp.attack Stat.

You must also Have a Good Movepool for your Pokemon. Your Pokemon must have a Variety of Move types. a Pokemon Like Mightyena Can Have Thunder,Ice,Fire,Dark,Normal,Bug,steel,psyichic,and Grass type moves. So You Can Super Effectivly Hit Move Pokemon then Just Psyichic.

Your Pokemon Shouldnt have More then one attack of the Same Type. That will just waste Space for much Better moves For your pokemon. You must also never have moves like,Growl, or Tail Whip. Because you Could have moves like Fake Tears, or Screech that will lower Stats More than 1 Level.
This is another Message from Shadow King Blake. and Lastly, THANK YOU!!!
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Pokeon Move Set Maker
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