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 Pokemon Daycare Breeding: An Introduction

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PostSubject: Pokemon Daycare Breeding: An Introduction   Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:39 pm

Breeding Pokemon is easier said than done, you might say otherwise; but when you're looking for a good nature or to pass moves, this doesn't become an easy task.

First, let's cover the basics.

To breed; A male and a female have to breed, or a male/female has to breed with a ditto. This is basic knowledge about breeding.

Now, we all know that not all Pokemon can breed with each other. However, different species CAN breed with other species. How do we know which is which?

There are these categories called egg groups. These egg groups determine which Pokemon can breed with which. You can find all egg groups by going to a site like, or For me, I go to Google and I type "pokedex DP serebii ________" with the line replaced by the pokemon's name. When you go to serebii's website, if you look through the information list, you will see egg groups. Some pokemon have two, but for two pokemon to breed only one has to match.
Let's say for example a Gardevoir. I want to get a jolly natured Ralts. So I follow my steps, and I see Gardevoir's egg group to be Intermediate, per say (which I'm pretty sure isn't). The list shows which pokemon are Intermediate. So I go to my PC Boxes, and I see if I have any jolly natured pokemon that are in the Intermediate. I find a Gengar, which is Intermediate with a Jolly Nature. So since I want a jolly natured Ralts, I will give Gengar an everstone to hold, which from Gen 4 onwards has the effect that when given to male or female to hold, when they breed the pokemon that will hatch has a 50% chance of having the nature of the Pokemon holding the stone.

This is the basic to breeding for Natures. Chain nature breeding will be covered in a later course.

Breeding for Egg Moves is simple as well. To breed for moves all you have to do is to get the male to have the move you want the offspring to learn. IT MUST be the male. Egg pokemon cannot take in Egg Moves.

This is the basic for breeding moves to Pokemon that can't learn on their own. This is a MUST for competitive battling. Chain egg move breeding will be covered in a later course.

This is all for now, and is a basic course everyone should learn. Any more questions PM me.

DMEF Pablo

Now, if you wanna breed moves
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Pokemon Daycare Breeding: An Introduction
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